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Seroprevalence of viral hepatitis in jaundiced pregnant women in a teritiary care hospital


Viral hepatitis represents an important health problem in the developing countries. The objective of this study is to determine the seroprevalence of viral hepatitis pattern in jaundiced pregnant women.


A total of 128 jaundiced pregnant women admitted as in-patients were included in the study. The test samples were screened for viral hepatitis markers; HBsAg, Anti-HAV (IgM), Anti-HCV, Anti-HDV, Anti-HEV (IgM) by commercial ELISA kits. For HBsAg positive women, Anti-HBc IgM, HBeAg and Anti-HBe were done. HBV DNA analysis was done by polymerase chain reaction.


Of the 128 test serum samples screened, 53.1% were positive for HBsAg, 15.62% were positive for HEV IgM and 3.25% were positive for HAV IgM. None of them were positive for Anti-HCV & Anti-HDV. Among the 68 HBsAg positive pregnant women, the prevalence of HBeAg, anti-HBe, and anti-HBc were 54%, 45.6% and 89%, respectively. Of the 31, HBeAg negative women, 11 had only anti-HBe, 9 were positive for anti-HBe and HBV DNA and 11 were negative for anti-HBe and HBV DNA.


The present study conducted has evolved a comprehensive picture on the virological pattern of viral hepatitis in jaundiced pregnant women. Hepatitis B virus (53.1%) seems to be the major causative agent followed by Hepatitis E virus (15.62%) in the 128 study subjects. Authenticated documentation on pregnancy hepatitis, maternal and fetal outcome in symptomatic viral infected mothers are essential features to plan and implement health measures package in a country.

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