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Molecular diagnosis of cytomegalovirus, Epstein-Barr virus and Herpes virus 6 among blood donors in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso


This study focuses on three herpes viruses, including EBV, CMV and HHV -6. Our study aims to determine the prevalence of these viruses in blood donors in Ouagadougou.

Material and methods

The study included 198 blood donors. We extracted DNA, using DNA extraction kit -Sorb -B. For amplification, we used PCR Real -96 SaCycler of V.7.3 "Sacace Biotechnology" and kit As CMV/EBV/HHV-6 TM Real - Time apparatus. The results were analyzed using the standard software SPSS -17 for Windows and EpiInfo-6 -6.


Of the 198 samples tested, 18 (9.09%) were positive to at least one of the three viruses, 10 (5.10%) were positive for EBV, 10 (5.10%) positive for CMV and 12 (6.10%) positive for HHV -6. According to age, we found that only those who had a less than or equal to 30 years old were infected. Infection with EBV, CMV and HHV-6 in women accounted for 8.57%, 8.57% and 11.43% respectively. Against by men, infection rates were low were 4.29%, 3.68% and 4.90 % for EBV, CMV and HHV -6. Based on HIV status we found that HIV-positive were more infected than HIV-negative, EBV (12.5 % versus 4.74), CMV (12.5 % versus 4.74) , HHV-6 (12.5% versus 5.79) . Seven (7) samples were co- infected EBV/CMV/HHV-6, or 38.89 % of positive samples.


The prevalence that we recorded is low compared to those reported by previous studies in the sub-region among blood donors. This difference can be explained by the fact that previous studies have used serological techniques.

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Correspondence to Lassina Traore.

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