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Table 2 Survey items and response categories

From: Early responses to H7N9 in southern Mainland China

Topic Question Possible responses
Awareness Have you previously heard of H7N9 Yes, no
  Did you use the following media to learn about H7N9? TV, Radio, Newspapers, Micro-blogs, Social networks, Cell phone news Yes, no (for each item)
Credibility To what extent do you believe the following information sources about H7N9? The Chinese government; Chinese domestic experts; Western experts Do not believe, moderately believe, strongly believe (for each item)
Associations with H7N9 To what extent do you associate each of the following with H7N9? Floating pigs in the Huangpu; New migrants to Shanghai; Poor Chinese hygiene in general; The unhygienic poultry trade; Recent temperature fluctuations; Global climate change Related, unrelated, uncertain (for each item)
Groups at risk of H7N9 What is the risk of the following groups being at risk from H7N9? Those with regular contact with poultry; Migrants; Children; Young people; Elderly people; Those with weak immunity More at risk than me, similar risk than me, less risk than me, unsure (for each item)
Anxiety about H7N9 Do you worry you (your family) will be infected with H7N9? Do not worry, worry a little, worry quite a lot, worry a great deal
  Since the H7N9 outbreak, have you been thinking more about life and death No, a little more, a great deal more
  Did H7N9 bring any difficulty to your daily life? None, just a little, some, a lot
  What is your personal perceived probability of infection Unlikely, a little unlikely, very likely
Behavioural responses to H7N9 Following H7N9 did you: Buy Chinese medicine to prevent the virus; Buy western medicine to prevent the virus; Increase house ventilation; Avoid buying poultry or eggs; Change cooking methods; Avoid crowded places; Avoid recent migrants to Shanghai; Decrease public transport use; Postpone or cancel travelling; Change washing habits Yes, no (for each item)