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Table 4 Prospective studies on travel-associated colonization with ESBL-producing Enterobacteriaceae – rates and risk factors

From: High colonization rates of extended-spectrum β-lactamase (ESBL)-producing Escherichia coliin Swiss Travellers to South Asia– a prospective observational multicentre cohort study looking at epidemiology, microbiology and risk factors

  Travellers (n) overall Colonization rate (%) overall Travellers (n) India/Indian subcontinent Colonization rate (%) India/Indian subcontinent Risk factors*
Current study 170 69.4 68 86.8 Travel Destination
Length of Stay
Visiting Friends and Relatives
Consumption of Ice Cream & Pastry
Tängden et al. [8] 100 24.0 8 88.0 Travelling to India
Gastroenteritis during Trip
Kennedy et al. [9]a 102 21.6 14 57.1 Gastroenteritis during Trip
Antibiotics while Travelling
Weisenberg et al. [10] 28 25.0 7b 28.6 not done
Paltansing et al. [11] 370 30.5 25c 73.0c Travelling to South and East Asia
Östholm-Balkhed et al. [12] 226 30.0 14 71.4 Travelling to Indian subcontinent, Asia, Africa north of equator
Gastroenteritis during Trip
  1. *Risk factors for becoming colonized for all the countries included in the respective study.
  2. arisk factor for colonization with E. coli resistant to gentamicin, ciprofloxacin and/or third-generation cephalosporins.
  3. bSouth Asia (not specified).
  4. cSouth Asia: Bangladesh, India, Maldives, Nepal and Sri Lanka.