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Figure 4

From: Aspirin enhances opsonophagocytosis and is associated to a lower risk for Klebsiella pneumoniaeinvasive syndrome

Figure 4

Ex vivo human leukocyte bactericidal activity assay. Human peripheral white blood cells (WBCs) from 5 healthy males were collected before and one hour after oral administration of 100 mg of aspirin (ASA), and incubated, respectively, with the KP-M1 strain of Klebsiella pneumoniae (KP) which had been previously opsonized with normal human serum. The ASA treatment significantly enhanced the leukocyte killing of KP-M1 (p < 0.01), disregard whether or not the KP-M1 organisms were pre-incubated with sodium salicylate (SAL, 30 μg/mL).

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