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Table 1 Table of parameters used in the model

From: Surveillance of low pathogenic novel H7N9 avian influenza in commercial poultry barns: detection of outbreaks and estimation of virus introduction time

Parameter Description Value
R 0 Basic reproductive 3, 5, 7, 10
γ Mean latent 2* [27] (Pantin-Jackwood,
  period (days) personal communication)
1/(γ/n o ) Average duration spent 0.4
  in each compartment  
  during the latent  
  period (days)  
σ Mean infectious 6* [27] (Pantin-Jackwood,
  period (days) personal communication)
1/(σ/n o ) Average duration 1.2
  spent in each  
  compartment during  
  the infectious  
  period (days)  
ρ Mean time to 8 [24]
  post infection (days)  
1/(ρ/n c ) Average duration 0.8
  spent in each  
  compartment during  
  the sero-converting  
  period (days)  
Sensitivity (ϕ) Sensitivity of 95% [20, 28, 29]
  rt-PCR test  
Specificity Specificity of 100 % [20, 28, 29]
  rt-PCR test  
Sensitivity (η) Sensitivity of 86% [3032]
  HI assay  
Specificity Specificity of 100 % [3032]
  HI assay  
N Population size 5000*
n o Number of 5
  compartments for  
  exposed and  
  infectious periods  
n c Number of seroconverting 10
Start time (T s ) Time infection 0, 7, 20, 40
  is introduced (days)  
  1. Values of parameters that have an *next to them indicate uncertainty in these values, these values were varied in the sensitivity analysis.