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Table 2 Deep sequencing of cloned HVR1 sample

From: Deep sequencing of hepatitis C virus hypervariable region 1 reveals no correlation between genetic heterogeneity and antiviral treatment outcome

Number of reads of cloned plasmid (control) 3178
Number of variants 12
Most abundant erroneous variant 1.48%
Least abundant erroneous variant 0.06%
Overall error rate per base 0.05%
Types of errors:  
Insertions 0.04%
Substitutions 0.006%
Deletions 0.002%
Overall insertions at homopolymeric regions 51%
Number of variants after ShoRAH 4
Most abundant erroneous variant after ShoRAH 0.5%
Least abundant erroneous variant after ShoRAH 0.2%