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Table 3 Sero-conversion rates as reported by Langley et al. [59], defined as the proportion of vaccinees with a pre-vaccination titer <1:10 and a post-vaccination titer ≥1:40, or a pre-vaccination titer ≥1:10 and at least a 4-fold increase in post-vaccination titer

From: 4Flu - an individual based simulation tool to study the effects of quadrivalent vaccination on seasonal influenza in Germany

TIV vaccination group Seroconversion rate
With respect to B Yamagata With respect to B Victoria
TIV-Vic (n = 870) 41.3% (n = 359) 71.5% (n = 622)
TIV-Yam (n = 877) 73.4% (n = 644) 29.9% (n = 262)
  1. Abbreviations: TIV-Vic, trivalent influenza vaccine with Victoria lineage B strain; TIV-Yam, trivalent influenza vaccine with Yamagata lineage B strain. The numbers of sero-converters (n) were calculated from the percentages.