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Table 2 Description of the treatment in the included studies

From: Treatment outcomes from community-based drug resistant tuberculosis treatment programs: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Study Model* Treatment duration (months) Drugs in regimen DOTS location DOTS provider Additional community involvement
Drobac et al. [19] I 18-24 n/a Local health centre CHWs, nurses CHWs provided doses outside centre hours
Joseph et al. [17] S 6-9, 18 6,4 Local health centre HCWs, friends/neighbours Health education provided for family
Malla et al. [22] S 8-12,16-24 5,4 Decentralized clinics Health workers Nominated treatment support person required
Mitnick et al. [20] I Median 23 (0 · 4-35 · 9) Median 6 (5-9) Outpatient CHWs, nurses -
Mitnick et al. [21] I ≥18 ≥5 Health centre or patient home CHWs Group therapy as needed
Oyieng’o et al. [24] S ≥6, 18 5,4 Local health centre or patient home Local nurse, HCW, household member Household member supervised evening dose
Satti et al. [25] I ≥18 6 Outpatient CHWs Community team tracked patients and provided support
Singla et al. [16] S 6-9, 18 5,3 Peripheral health centre or patient home HCW, household member Household member supervised evening dose
Thomas et al. [18] I ≥18 5, ≥2 Village health centres, clinics or hospital Anganwadi workers, village HCWs, private practitioners -
Tupasi et al. [26] I ≥6, ≥18 5, 4 Local health centre, or patient home HCWs Treatment partner nominated by the patient
  1. *I = Individualized, S = Standardized.
  2. Duration of intensive phase and continuation phase are separated by a comma. Otherwise duration represents length of treatment. Number of drugs in intensive and continuation regimens separated by a comma.