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Table 1 Relative hand moisture with/ without SP/SC usage

From: Practice of skin protection and skin care among German surgeons and influence on the efficacy of surgical hand disinfection and surgical glove perforation

Skin moisture Min. Max. Volunteers (n) 1stQuartile Median 3rdQuartile
Without SP/SC 21.67 51.00 26 29.17 34.50 41.00
With SP/SC 29.17 106.50 26 35.84 43.17 47.67
  1. Corneometer® relative values: < 35 very dry, 35-50 dry and > 50 sufficiently wet; SP/SC: Skin Protection and/ or Skin Care products; P=0.0006 (Fisher’s exact test, Wilcoxson rank-sum test or Kruskal-Wallis test, as appropriated).