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Table 2 Sensitivity and specificity of the lateral flow dipstick for detection of anti-PPDK antibodies in serum samples

From: Production of recombinant Entamoeba histolyticapyruvate phosphate dikinase and its application in a lateral flow dipstick test for amoebic liver abscess

Lateral flow dipstick test result No. of serum samples that had been tested for the presence of anti-PPDK antibodies
  Positive Negative Total
Positive 26a+b 0 26
Negative 4a+b 40c+d 44
(100%) **
Total 30 40 70
  1. aGroup A sera : Seropositive and E. histolytica DNA detected in patients’ liver abscess samples.
  2. bGroup B: sera Seropositive and liver abscess samples non-available for DNA analysis.
  3. cHealthy individuals, Seronegative.
  4. dOther diseases: Seronegative (i.e.: pyogenic liver abscess, malaria, toxoplasmosis, leptospirosis, hydatidosis, filariasis and typhoid).
  5. *Sensitivity tested with 30 sera from patients with ALA (Groups A and B).
  6. **Specificity tested with 40 sera from healthy individuals and patients with other diseases.