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Table 1 Important features of reported P. loescheii infection cases

From: Bacteremic skin and soft tissue infection caused by Prevotella loescheii

Patient characteristics Co-morbidity Infection Cultured sample Susceptibility testing Treatment Ref. no.
42 yo M Decubitus ulcer in an obese bedridden patient Bacteremic skin and soft tissue infection Blood and a surgical sample ND Ertapenam for 3 weeks Current case
75 yo M Dental extraction in a patient with osteoarthritis Septic arthritis Synovial fluid Susceptible to PCN, BL/BL inhibitor, metronidazole Amoxacillin-clavulante for 4 weeks [15]
62 yo M Recurrent sinusitis Brain subdural abscess Pus Susceptible to PCN, BL/BL inhibitor, clindamycin, chloramphenicol. Chloramphenicol and clindamycin for 5 weeks [12]
Resistant to metronidazole.
20 yo M Dental procedures in a patient with R. hip replacement R. hip prosthetic joint infection Surgically obtained bone samples ND Cefuroxime and fosfomycin X 6 weeks [14]
  1. Abbreviations: yo year-old, M male, ND not done, PCN penicillin, BL/BL Beta-lactam/Beta-lactamase, R right, ref. No reference number.