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Figure 2

From: Characterization of Neisseria gonorrhoeaeisolates detected in Switzerland (1998–2012): emergence of multidrug-resistant clones less susceptible to cephalosporins

Figure 2

Sequencing types (STs) of the Ng isolates detected during the two different periods (1998–2001 and 2009–2012). STs with more than one isolate are indicated in colors and with their percentages. Hyperepidemic clones are indicated in bold and STs included in the same genogroup (G) are underlined. The results show that international lineages reported in other countries (G1407, G2992, and G225) are also emerging and spreading in Switzerland. With the exception of two isolates of G25, these STs/Gs were not present during the previous decade. Notably, most of the hyperepidemic clones were MDR (i.e., resistant to ≥ 3 antibiotics).

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