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BMC Infectious Diseases

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Last resort antibiotherapy in sepsis with MDR bacteria, one possible solution in a critical patient (case report)

  • Doina Iovănescu1Email author,
  • Cătălin Apostolescu1,
  • Cleo Roşculeț1,
  • Monica Ivan1,
  • Alina Frangulea1,
  • Monica Ungureanu1,
  • Ana-Maria Petrescu1,
  • Bogdana Manu1,
  • Cornel Camburu1,
  • Andrei Rogoz1,
  • Aida Răşcanu1 and
  • Marius Radu1
BMC Infectious Diseases201313(Suppl 1):P27

Published: 16 December 2013


Public HealthInternal MedicineProstate CancerInfectious DiseaseMale Patient


The purpose of this case report was to present the extreme difficulties in finding a solution for the patient with sepsis treatment determined by bacteria associations: MRSA, ESBL K pneumoniae, E coli with ESBL.

Case report

We present the case report of a 68-year old male patient, with a history of prostate cancer surgery, relapsed and irradiated. Microbiological and antibiogram data, and the parameters of organ dysfunction represented the basis for an “extreme” decision in the antibiotherapy scheme. We obtained microbiological control and we successfully managed the vital dysfunctions.


Desperate situations sometimes require last resort decisions, extremely costly which can save the patient for the moment; the question we ask ourselves is whether this control is also supported and for how long.

Authors’ Affiliations

National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Balş”, Bucharest, Romania


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