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Table 3 Hourly changes in indoor AH associated with changes in CO 2

From: Predictors of indoor absolute humidity and estimated effects on influenza virus survival in grade schools

  100 x CO2* Indoor Temperature School vs non-school Hours
Model D* 0. 15 [ 0.14, 0.16]   
Model E* 0. 15 [0.15, 0.16] -0.08 [-0.01, -0.07] 0.09 [0.07, 0.11]
1 SD 1.59 mb 1.85°C N/A
  1. AH, absolute humidity; ARCH, auto-regressive conditional heteroskedasticity.
  2. *The regression coefficient shows the increase in average indoor AH (mb) associated with a 100 unit increase in CO2 (ppm).
  3. ARCH model association between indoor absolute humidity (mb) and CO2 (ppm) with and without adjustments for indoor temperature and school vs. non-school hours at 5-minut time intervals during a representative school week in early February 2011; Models D, E adjusted for differences by room and CO2, Model E adjusted for indoor temperature and school vs non-school hours; All coefficients statistically significant with p < .001.