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Table 2 Daily changes in indoor AH associated with changes in outdoor AH

From: Predictors of indoor absolute humidity and estimated effects on influenza virus survival in grade schools

  Outdoor AH Outdoor Temperature Indoor Temperature
Model A* 0.51 [0.48, 0.54]   
Model B* 0.50 [0.48, 0.52] -0.02 [-0.04, -0.002]  
Model C* 0.48 [0.39, 0.57] -0.05 [-0.07, -0.02] 0.36 [0.27, 0.44]
1 SD 1.86 mb 4.89°C 0.91°C
  1. AH, absolute humidity; ARCH, auto-regressive conditional heteroskedasticity.
  2. *The regression coefficient shows the increase in average indoor AH (mb) associated with a 1 mb increase in outdoor AH.
  3. ARCH model association between indoor absolute humidity (mb) and outdoor absolute humidity with and without adjustments for outdoor and indoor temperature from January to early March at 3-hour time intervals, 2011; Models A, B, C adjusted for differences by school and outdoor AH, Model B, C adjusted for outdoor temperature, Model C adjusted for indoor temperature; All coefficients statistically significant with p < .001.