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Figure 2

From: Direct genotyping of Toxoplasma gondii from amniotic fluids based on B1 gene polymorphism using minisequencing analysis

Figure 2

Hierarchical clustering of the matrix generated for the eight tested SNPs using minisequencing analysis for 63 B1-PCR positive AFs and six reference strains. Clusters corresponding to the well-known lineages I, II and III were delineated. Using the arbitrary threshold of 1.225, two additional clades could be separated in lineages II (IIa and IIb) and III (IIIa and IIIb). The names of the reference strains, the origins of the samples, the names of the clades, and the number of the samples are indicated on the right. Clustering was calculated based on Euclidian distance metrics and complete linkage. *Reunion I.: Reunion Island, F.guiana: French Guiana, N.Caled.: New Caledonia, Guadel.I.: Guadeloupe Island.

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