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Table 3 Reasons for not having HIV testing among MSM

From: Pattern of HIV testing and multiple sexual partnerships among men who have sex with men in China

Reasons for not having HIV testing N %*
Psychological barriers   
Perceive myself are healthy 50 55.6%
Always have consistent condom use during any sexual acts 27 30.0%
Fear of discovering own HIV status 25 27.8%
Only have sex with people who look healthy 17 18.9%
Fear to expose my sexual orientation 16 17.8%
Have sex with regular partners only 13 14.4%
Diagnosis of HIV would lead to discrimination and psychological burden 10 11.1%
AIDS cannot be cured, cannot do anything if positive 1 1.1%
Structural barriers   
Don’t know where to go for HIV testing 30 33.3%
Need to provide real name for HIV testing 28 31.1%
Doubt about the confidentiality of Department of Health 28 31.1%
Time clash between working hours and HIV testing 5 5.6%
Attitudes of medical staff at testing sites are bad 1 1.1%
Other reasons 11 12.2%
  1. *Data and percentage were obtained and calculated from 90 MSM who never had an HIV test.