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Figure 3

From: Dissemination of imipenem-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii with new plasmid-borne bla OXA-72 in Taiwan

Figure 3

Schematic map of the partial flanking region of bla OXA-72 in two types of plasmids (plasmid A and B, Figures 3 a and 3 b, respectively) in Taiwan. The arrows indicate the predicted open reading frames (ORFs) and their transcriptional directions. The names of various features are indicated below the map. The sequenced fragment in plasmid A shared 99% similarity to the previously prevalent plasmid (accession no. AY739646.1), whereas the region downstream of XerD/XerC in plasmid B was identical to another plasmid (accession no. GQ338083.1). P1 and P2 primers are specific for plasmid A and P3 and P4 primers are specific for plasmid B.

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