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Table 2 Lack of association of CRT with inflammatory markers in 118 patients

From: X4 viruses are frequently archived in patients with long-term HIV infection but do not seem to influence the “inflamm-aging” process

  n < limit β (X4 vs R5) Lower limit Upper limit p value
    CI 95% CI 95%  
hsPCR (log) 62 0.501 −1.219 2.22 0.57
D-dimers (log) 0 0.280 −1.336 0.777 0.60
IL-6 levels (log) 23 0.022 −0.175 0.131 0.78
IL-7 levels (log) 89 0.259 −1.184 0.666 0.58
  1. N: number of patients; limit: detection limit of the assay; β: coefficient of interval regression; CI: confidence interval.
  2. Since inflammation marker measurements are subject to lower detection limits, the association of IL-6, IL-7, HsPCR, D-dimers and CRT was analyzed with interval regression by means of the intreg command Stata after log transformation (natural logarithm). None of the markers resulted significantly associated with CRT.