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Table 2 Statistically different cytokine production in groups 1(TB patients), 2 (patients with other pulmonary diseases) and 3 (negative TB cases but highly exposed)

From: Differential cellular recognition pattern to M. tuberculosis targets defined by IFN-γ and IL-17 production in blood from TB + patients from Honduras as compared to health care workers: TB and immune responses in patients from Honduras

Antigen Groups P-value
SEA/B Group1 vs Group2 0.001
SEA/B Group1 vs Group3 < 0.001
Rv1886c Group1 vs Group3 0.015
Rv2958c Group1 vs Group3 0.020
Rv2958c Group2 vs Group3 0.020
Rv2962c Group1 vs Group3 0.021
Rv2962c Group2 vs Group3 0.021
Rv3347c Group1 vs Group3 0.034
Rv3804c Group1 vs Group3 0.031
Rv1886c Group1 vs Group2 0.016
Rv1886c Group1 vs Group3 0.002