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Table 3 Clinical characteristics of patients who died

From: Severe imported falciparum malaria among adults requiring intensive care: a retrospective study at the hospital for tropical diseases, London

Patient No. Demographics Travel data Manifestations of severe malaria ICU support Death
1 31 year old female Travelled to Zambia Hyperparasitaemia Exchange Died Day 3
  Black African No Chemoprophylaxis Seizures transfusion Parasite Count 2.1%
  Raised in Endemic   ARDS Ventilated  
  Region   AKI RRT  
    Acidosis Inotropes  
2 25 year old male Travelled to Uganda and Hyperparasitaemia Exchange Died Day 19
  White Kenya AKI transfusion Disseminated fungal infection
  Not-Raised in No Chemoprophylaxis Acidosis RRT  
  Endemic Region Treatment for malaria    
   started abroad: Chloroquine then Quinine    
3 83 year old male Travelled to Kenya AKI Exchange Died Day 9
  White No Chemoprophylaxis ARDS transfusion Multi-organ failure, shock with limb
  Not-Raised in   GCS < 11 Ventilated  
  Endemic Region   Acidosis RRT  
    Shock Inotropes  
4 41 year old male Travelled to Gambia Hyperparasitaemia Ventilated Died Day 4
  White No Chemoprophylaxis Acidodsis Inotropes VT followed by Cardiac Arrest
  Not-Raised in   AKI   
  Endemic Region   GCS < 11   
5 47 year old male Living in Liberia for 2 Years Hyperparasitaemia Ventilated Died Day 11
  White No Chemoprophylaxis AKI RRT Staphylococcal pneumonia
  Not-Raised in   Acidosis Inotropes  
  Endemic Region