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Table 3 Results of the base case of posaconazole versus SAT in the prevention of IFI among high-risk neutropenic patients

From: Cost-effectiveness of posaconazole versusfluconazole or itraconazole in the prevention of invasive fungal infections among high-risk neutropenic patients in Spain

Strategy Total costs* IFI events LYS ICER (cost per IFI avoided) ICER (cost per LYS)
Posaconazole 6,121 0.05 2.52   
SAT 7,928 0.11 2.43   
Difference -1,807 -0.06 0.09 Dominant Dominant
  1. *In euros at November 2009 prices
  2. Difference between posaconazole and SAT
  3. Dominant strategy: posaconazole has lower cost and higher efficacy (measured as IFI avoided and LYS) compared to SAT (standard azole treatment: fluconazole 81% patients/itraconazole 19% patients)