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Archived Comments for: Knowledge, attitudes and practices related to avian influenza among poultry workers in Nepal: a cross sectional study

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  1. Correction: Ref #17 PLoS ONE 2011 (not 2001)

    Jiun-Hau Huang, College of Public Health, National Taiwan University

    28 June 2012

    Dear Authors:

    Congratulations on your published work, and thank you for sharing your research findings that demonstrate the significance and usefulness of behavioral research in preventing infectious diseases, as echoed in our recent avian influenza study (cited in your article as Reference #17).

    My co-authors and I were pleased to learn that our article was cited in your paper, but unfortunately, there is a typographical error, which we hope the publisher (BMC Infectious Diseases) could correct as soon as possible -- i.e., the publication year of our article is 2011, not 2001. The correct (full) citation is as follows for your reference. Thank you.

    Kuo P-C, Huang J-H, Liu M-D (2011) Avian Influenza Risk Perception and Preventive Behavior among Traditional Market Workers and Shoppers in Taiwan: Practical Implications for Prevention. PLoS ONE 6(9): e24157. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0024157

    Best regards,

    Jiun-Hau Huang, SM, ScD
    Institute of Health Policy and Management
    College of Public Health, National Taiwan University
    Taipei, Taiwan

    Competing interests

    No competing interests declared.