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Table 1 Overview of studies with data on anal HPV detection among men who have sex with men aged ≤ 25 years

From: The prevalence of anal human papillomavirus among young HIV negative men who have sex with men

Author, year Study setting Selection criteria No. MSM No. MSM <=25a Sample collection method HPV DNA testing method HPV types tested
(i) Kiviat, 1993 [16]; (ii) Critchlow, 1998 [17] (i) Homosexual men attending an STD clinic in Seattle (ii) Homosexual men attending a community-based clinic for HIV screening in Seattle (i) Age 16–50; being homosexual or bisexual. (ii) Age ≥18; having sex with other men 854 58b Clinician collected PCR; primers MY09 and MY11 PCR: 6,11,16,18,31 33, 35,39 and 45
Moscicki, 2003 [18] Adolescents in primary care centres in 13 US cities who were at high risk of HIV infection Age 13–18; having high-risk behaviours and/or injecting drug use 83 25c Clinician collected PCR, primers MY09, MY11 and HMB01 16,18,31,33,39,42, 44,45,51,52, 56 and 58
Nyitray, 2011[7] MSM from the general population, universities, STD clinics and organized health care systems in Sao Paulo, Cuernavaca, Tampa. Age 18–70; having no prior penile or anal cancer or genital warts and no current HIV/STD diagnosis 176 46 Clinician collected PCR;the QIAamp Media MDx kit (Qiagen); primers PGMY09/11 6,11,16,18,26,31,33, 35,39,40,42,45, 51–56,58,59,61,62,64, 66–73,81-84, IS39 and CP6108
Gilbert, 2011 [20] MSM recruited from bars, festivals, associations, community events, bathhouses, and businesses in Vancouver Age ≥19; identifying as a man who has ever had sex with men 178 30 Self collected PCR; PCR and Linear Array kit (Roche); primers PGMY. 36 types including 6,11,16,18
Goldstone, 2011[19] MSM in a randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blinded trial of HPV vaccination in 14 countries Age 16–26; having ≤ 5 lifetime male and/or female sexual partners; having had penetrative intercourse, including oral sex 602 539 Clinician collected PCR; QIAamp DNA kit (Qiagen); primers based on published L1, E6 and E7 sequences. 6,11,16,18, 31,33,35,39, 45,51,52, 56, 58 and 59
  1. Note:
  2. a Number of HIV negative MSM ≤ 25 years old for whom data on anal HPV DNA was provided by the authors.
  3. b Combined data from two separate studies (i and ii) provided by the author.
  4. c 58 men who were HIV positive were excluded.