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Table 1 Availability of isolation rooms and their logistic and technical features in 41 EDs and MADs 14 European Countries

From: Infection control management of patients with suspected highly infectious diseases in emergency departments: data from a survey in 41 facilities in 14 European countries

  No. (%)
Number of EDs/MADs surveyed 41 (100)
Number of EDs/MADs with availability of isolation room(s) 34 (82,9)
Logistic and technical features of these room(s)
Availability of a dedicated entrance directly from outside 15 (36,6)
Presence of anteroom 19 (46,3)
Availability of negative pressure 17 (41,5)
Dedicated ventilation system 16 (39,0)
HEPA filtration of exhausted air 12 (29,3)
Number of EDs/MADs with isolation room(s) equipped with all explored features 6 (14,6)