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Table 1 Genotypic resistance mutations before switching to a double-boosted protease inhibitors regimen

From: Efficacy and safety of a dual boosted protease inhibitor-based regimen, atazanavir and fosamprenavir/ritonavir, against HIV: experience in a pediatric population

  NNRTI PI Resistant Drugs
Patient 98 (G) 103 (R/N) 108 (I) 135 (L/I/V) 283 (I)   
P1 G    L   63 P, 71 V, 77 wt/I, 93 L NVP L-lR
P2   N I  N I 10 V, 35 D EFV and NVP L-lR
P3       wt/I 77I none
P4       63 P, 93 L none
P5   V   V   35 D, 60 E, 63 P none
P6       No mutations none
P7   R   T   10 V, 13 wt/V, 63 P, 77 I none