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Figure 2

From: Extended antimicrobial treatment of bacterial vaginosis combined with human lactobacilli to find the best treatment and minimize the risk of relapses

Figure 2

Survival analysis with Life table showing the difference in cure rate between vaginal and oral administration of different Lactobacillus preparations. No statistical difference is seen. Group 0: EcoVag® capsule containing L. gasseri DSM 14869 and L. rhamnosus DSM 14870; Group 1: L. crispatus 4R5, L. gasseri 20M39, and L. jenseneii 22B42; Group 2: L. crispatus 23B33, L. gasseri 6M9, L. jenseneii 12B1; Group 3: L. crispatus 21M49, L. gasseri 6M9 and L. crispatus 8R6; Group 4: L. gasseri DSM 14869, L. rhamnosus DSM 14870 and L. gasseri DSM 15527; Group 5: Oral (the same group as the vaginal group 4) L. gasseri DSM 14869, L. rhamnosus DSM 14870, L. gasseri DSM 15527; Group 6: oral LaciBios® femina containing L. rhamnosus GR-1 and L. reuteri RC-14.

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