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Table 2 Multiple antimicrobial resistance profile of Salmonella isolates from lactating dairy cows and humans working in dairy farms

From: Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of Salmonella isolated from lactating cows and in contact humans in dairy farms of Addis Ababa: a cross sectional study

Number of antimicrobial resistance Antimicrobial resistance pattern (number of isolates) Number of isolates (%)
Two AMP, S (4)
AMP, TE (2)
Three AMP, S, F (2)
AMP, S, TE (1)
AMP, K, F (1)
Four AMP, S, K, F (1)
CN, AMP, S, F (1)
CN, AMP, K, F (1)
AMP, S, F, TE (1)
Five CN, AMP, S, K, F (3)
AMP, S, F, TE, C (1)
4 (16.7)
Six CN, AMP, S, K, F, TE (1) AMP, S, K, F, TE, C (1) 2(8.3)
  1. Key to Abbreviations: AMP (ampicillin), S (streptomycin), K (kamanycine), F (nitrofurantoine), CN (gentamycin), TE (tetracycline), C (chloramphenicol).