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Table 2 Sources of information used for the Swiss MATSim scenario

From: Reconstructing the 2003/2004 H3N2 influenza epidemic in Switzerland with a spatially explicit, individual-based model

Source Description and information used
Volkszählung 2000 The Swiss census is conducted once a decade and includes the entire legal resident population (~7.2 million in 2000). It links inhabitants to concrete buildings and households and provides information about demographical characteristics, place(s) of residence, place of work, etc.
Mikrozensus Verkehr 2005 The "Mikrozensus Verkehr" is a travel behaviour survey carried out by the Swiss Federal Statistical Office every five years. In 2005 a sample of 33390 inhabitants participated and answered questions about their mobility behaviour. In particular, they filled in a travel and activity diary.
Betriebszählung 2000 The enterprise census ("Betriebszählung") records data on all public or private enterprises in Switzerland. There are ~398000 workplaces in Switzerland and for all of them the exact location, the sector they belong to and the number of employees is known.
Nationales Netzmodell The national transportation planning network consists of ~24000 nodes and 60000 links of the Swiss transportation grid.