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Figure 2

From: CD36 deficiency attenuates experimental mycobacterial infection

Figure 2

Histopathological sections of organs of Cd36 +/+ (upper row) and Cd36 -/- (lower row) mice 14 days after IP infection with M. bovis BCG. A and B. Liver sections (H&E stain, 10× magnification) demonstrate more numerous granulomas in Cd36 +/+ mice (arrowheads, A) compared to Cd36 -/- mice (arrowhead, B). C and D. Liver sections (H&E stain, 100× magnification) demonstrate similar microarchitecture of individual granulomas. E and F. Splenic sections (Ziehl-Neelsen stain, 100× magnification) show multiple acid fast bacilli (AFB) in a single field for Cd36 +/+ mice (E), and no visible AFB in Cd36 -/- mice (F). G. Liver granuloma cross-sectional density at day 14 post-infection was lower in Cd36 -/- mice (*p = 0.0038). All granulomas in each histopathological section were counted, with observer blinding, and normalized to the liver cross-sectional area. Data represent mean ± SEM, 4 mice per group.

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