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Table 3 Prevalence of avoidance behaviors and negative psychological responses (n = 999).

From: Avoidance behaviors and negative psychological responses in the general population in the initial stage of the H1N1 pandemic in Hong Kong

Avoidance behaviors  
Avoid going to crowed places 54.9%
Avoid going out unless necessary 44.0%
Avoid going to hospitals 63.4%
Any of the above 76.5%
Negative psychological responses  
Worry for contracting H1N1  
Respondent worrying himself/herself would contract the disease 11.7%
Respondent worrying his/her family members would contract the disease 15.3%
Any of the above 15.8%
Emotional distress  
Feeling much in panic 4.4%
Feeling much depressed 2.2%
Feeling much emotionally disturbed 3.4%
Any of the above 6.0%
  1. #Less than 2% missing cases exist for the listed variables.