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Table 1 Description and costs (only costs of material) of baits with the scrosa of the smaller intestine of pigs as bait matrix (scrosa – bait).

From: Acceptability of local made baits for oral vaccination of dogs against rabies in the Philippines

Type Ingredients Study Area Costs per bait US$;
A Boiled ground beef and meat scraps   
  (hide, omentum, ligaments etc.) of Suburban (Agoo) 0.02
  domestic cattle (Bos Taurus) and   
  domestic water buffalo (Bubalus   
B Ground scraps (fat, lung, ligaments, Urban (Baguio) 0.02
  etc) from domestic pigs (Sus   
C Boiled scraps of slimy mackerel Suburban & 0.03
  (Scomber australaticus) Urban (Agoo,  
D Boiled scraps of cheerootfish Urban(Baguio) 0.05
  (Decapterus macrosoma)   
E Boiled scraps of skipjack tuna Suburban (Agoo) 0.02
  (Katsuwonus pelamis)