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Table 5 Participant views and preferences regarding HCV self-testing

From: Usability and acceptability of oral fluid hepatitis C self-testing among people who inject drugs in Coastal Kenya: a cross-sectional pilot study

  N = 150 %
Before self-testing   
 Eligible subjects who agreed to participate and perform HCV self-testing 150 100
 Participants who would use HCV self-testing if it was available 147 98
Post-testing acceptability   
 Would use HCV self-test again 143 95.3
 Would recommend the HCV self-test to family members/friends 145 96.7
 Take the test to family members/friends 144 96.0
Preferences on HCV self-testing   
 Preferred approach to test for HCV in the future   
  By myself at home 120 80
  By myself at a health center 27 18
  In a community center by a healthcare worker 25 16.7
  In a screening campaign 2 1.3
 Preferred sample type   
  Prefer oral fluid-based test 134 89.3
  Prefer blood-based test 14 9.3
  No preference 2 1.3
 Steps to take if results of self-test positive   
  Contact healthcare facility 149 99.3
  Contact pharmacy 2 1.3
  Do a confirmatory test 2 1.3
  Seek advice from a family member or friend 3 2
  Seek advice from an NGO community representative 6 4
  Do not know 0 0
 Knowledge about HCV treatment   
  Know that HCV can be cured 54 36
  Know that there is a treatment but not sure about cure 23 15.3
  Not sure if there is treatment 21 14
  There is no treatment or cure 4 2.7
  No idea if there is treatment or cure 48 32