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Table 3 Study characteristics and results of studies on cause-relating tests

From: The role of routine SARS-CoV-2 screening of healthcare-workers in acute care hospitals in 2020: a systematic review and meta-analysis

First Author Study type Country Population description No. pos. tested asymptomatic/ sample size Setting (Level) Ward Period of data collection Mean Age of HCW Gender distribution (female in %)
Borras-Bermejo et al. [64] Cohort study Spain HCW and residents n = 2655
Staff: 403/2655 tested positive for COVID-19
144/403 (55.8%) of staff members tested positive were asymptomatic
Nursing homes Previous laboratory-confirmed cases of COVID-19 10.04.–24.04.2020 N. A N. A
Harada et al. [65] Cross-sectional design Japan HCW and patients 52/697 (7.5%) Level 3 N. A 24.03.–24.04.2020 N. A N. A
Khalil et al. [66] Cohort study UK HCW 47/266 (18%), 16/47 (34%) were asymptomatic Level 3 N. A 17.03.–16.04.2020 N. A N. A
Rajme-López et al. [67] Cross-sectional design Mexico HCW 111/2000 (5.5%) N.A N. A 28.04.–08.07.2020 34 57.5/42.5%
Rasmussen et al. [68] Cohort study Denmark HCW 7/347 (1.9%) Level 4 N. A 27.05.–03.06.2020 N. A N. A
Sebastian et al. [69] Cross-sectional design Argentina HCW 8/204 (4%) Dental hospital N. A 03/–10/2020 38 64/36%
Soltani-Zangbar et al. [70] Cross-sectional design Iran HCW 66/609 (10.8%) Level 3 N. A 04/–06/2020 41.9 38.75/61.25%
Zhao et al. [71] Retrospective cohort study China HCW 88/1172 (9.7%) of HCW with close contact to confirmed cases of COVID-19 Level 4 N. A 14.01.–21.02.2020 N. A N. A
  1. HCW  healthcare worker, N.A  not applicable, Level 1: Primary Care (Primary Care Physician, Family Physician or Public Health Clinic); Level 2: Specialty Physician Care (Specialist Physician); Level 3: Hospital Care (Acute Care General Hospital or Ambulatory Surgical Center); Level 4: Specialty Hospital Care (Specialty Acute Care Hospital)