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Table 3 Clinical and laboratory imaging findings of congenital cCMV patients with GCV/VGCV

From: Detection of antiviral drug resistance in patients with congenital cytomegalovirus infection using long-read sequencing: a retrospective observational study

ID Clinical symptom at birth Laboratory findings Brain image findings Reticulochorioretinitis
1 None None Ventriculomegaly
2 Purpura Thrombocytopenia elevated transaminase Ventriculomegaly, calcification
3 None None Ventriculomegaly
4 None None Ventriculomegaly
5 None None Normal
6 Premature birth, gastric rupture Thrombocytopenia Ventriculomegaly
7 Purpura Thrombocytopenia Ventriculomegaly
8 Premature birth, ascites, purpura Thrombocytopenia Ventriculomegaly
9 None None Normal
10 None None Normal
11 Premature birth
Thrombocytopenia elevated transamynase Ventriculomegaly, calcification
Cerebellar hypoplasia