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Table 3 Performance characteristics of four candidate tools for screening 2–14 year-old children for HIV testing in Ethiopiaa

From: Adapting strategies for effective and efficient pediatric HIV case finding in low prevalence countries: risk screening tool for testing children presenting at high-risk entry points in Ethiopia

Screening tool pAUC Threshold scoreb Sensitivity (95% CI) Specificity (95% CI) NNT
Z-HRST 0.76 2 95.0 (87.5–100) 53.6  (51.5–55.7) 26.3
Exact logistic 0.77 0.0047 95.0 (87.5–100) 61.4 (59.4–63.6) 22.0
Rescaled logistic 0.78 4 95.0 (87.5–100) 65.6 (63.5–67.6) 19.7
  1. aOut-of-sample performance of the logistic tools is based on tenfold cross-validation, whereas the value of the partial area under the receiver operating characteristic curve (pAUC) for sensitivity ≥ 80%, sensitivity, specificity and the average number of tests required to find a single HIV-positive child (NNT) is overly optimistic for the Z-HRST (Zimbabwe High-Risk Screening Tool) method
  2. bSums of affirmative responses for the Z-HRST tool, estimated probability of testing positive for the exact logistic tool, and the sum of the rounded rescaled logistic parameter estimates for the rescaled logistic tool