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Table 2 Acute pseudomembranous necrotizing laryngotracheobronchitis associated with M. pneumoniae infection

From: Pseudomembranous necrotizing laryngotracheobronchitis due to Mycoplasma pneumoniae: a case report and literature review

Cases Sex Age (years) Chief complaints M. pneumoniae detection Treatment Bronchoscopy times Admission days Outcome
115 F 29 Cough, fever, sore throat PCR + IgM Moxifloxacin, corticosteroid 1 7 Recover
216 F 2 Cough, hoarseness, dyspnea mNGS + IgM Azithromycin, ceftriaxone, methylprednisolone 3 21 Recover
Current case F 11 Cough, fever, hoarseness PCR + IgM + mNGS Azithromycin, methylprednisolone 1 8 Recover
  1. PCR polymerase chain reaction, F female