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Table 1 Summarizing the clinical and laboratory characteristics of patient

From: Giant compressive emphysema: a rare complication of COVID-19

Chronology of the event Clinical and biological characteristics of the patient
10th day before his hospitalization Influenza-like syndrome, febrile context
2nd day before his hospitalization Progressively worsening dyspnea and chest pain that are accentuated by coughing and changing position
On admission Clinical characteristics:
 No sign of shock
 Acute respiratory distress syndrome with pulse oxygen saturation 77% on room air, polypnea at 35 cycles per minute
 Condensation syndrome of the entire right lung
 Tympany and auscultatory silence of the left lung
On admission Biological characteristics:
 Hyperleukocytosis: 27 × 103 k/µL, 96% (25 × 103 k/µL) neutrophils, 2% (0.54 × 103 k/µL) lymphocytes
 Thrombocytosis: 475 × 103 k/UL
C-reactive protein: 75 mg/L
D-dimer: 2571 ng/mL
The nasopharyngeal COVID-19 polymerase chain reaction (PCR): positive
HIV serology: negative
22nd day of hospitalization Disappearance of signs of respiratory distress
Pulse oxygen saturation 94% at 2L/min oxygen
Desaturation at the slightest effort
24th day of hospitalization Bullectomy surgery, with thoracic drainage
From the 7th day post-op Long-term oxygen-dependent, at home
2 months after surgery Died of a recurrence severe acute pneumonia