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Table 1 Summary of education based on the BASNEF model constructs

From: Application of BASNEF model in students training regarding cutaneous leishmaniasis prevention behaviors: a school-based quasi experimental study

BASNEF model constructs Cognitive-behavioral goals Learning domain Educational technique
Knowledge Learning about the reservoir and vectors of the disease, resting place, and time of mosquito bites, the role of body cover, insect repellent pen, insecticide spray, and characteristics of window net and suitable mosquito netting for preventing CL Cognitive Lecture, question and answer, PowerPoint
Attitude Discussing the most important common beliefs, their nature of being right or wrong common beliefs, the way of changing misconceptions, and the importance of CL prevention behaviors to prevent infection Affective Questions and answer, group discussion
Subjective norms Familiarization of parents and teachers with CL and prevention methods to continuously transmit this information to students and improve social support from teachers and students' parents Cognitive-affective Questions and answer (group discussion
Enabling factors Facilitators and barriers to performing preventive behaviors, increasing the skill of using a repellent pen and spray, and introducing appropriate nets and mosquito netting, and solutions to overcome barriers to CL prevention behaviors Cognitive—psychomotor Lecture, practical demonstration, role-playing