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Table 3 Side effects experienced or reported by participants after DTG switch from previous regimen

From: Patient experiences of switching from Efavirenz- to Dolutegravir-based antiretroviral therapy: a qualitative study in Uganda

Perceived DTG side effects N = 25 Illustrative quote
Insomnia (trouble sleeping) 5 (20%) I had no strong side effects except maybe insomnia for that entire first week; whether daytime or night time, I had no sleep… That is the only side effect I got… [IDI_female_ESE_2]
Weight gain 4 (16%) Personally, I support it because it has helped me; my appearance has changed. Counsellor, I was small before but now! [Laughter]… it has worked for me I have gained weight… [IDI_female patient_ general clinic_SOD_3]
Dizziness 3 (12%) … I do not know whether it is the drug or not; but physically I am not that very fine… I still have that dizziness, yeah. Like in the morning after taking that drug, after, like within that space of one hour, you feel there is something, as if you have taken an overdose… [IDI_female patient_ general clinic_SOD_8]
Nausea 2 (8%) When I had started it… I used to get some nausea but I took it for a week and it stopped. [IDI_ female patient-general clinic_Reproductive age stopped DTG_(RSD)_21]
Loss of appetite 2 (8%) … When I started on it I suffered side effects…, it first made me lose my appetite, I did not want to take water, but after a while, it stopped, and I continued taking it well. [IDI_female patient_ general clinic_SOD_3]
Diabetes 2 (8%) …when some people swallow DTG, it causes diabetes. I heard one say that. [IDI_female patient_ general clinic_SOD_3]
Passing pink urine 2 (8%) But my urine comes with that pink color; I don’t know whether it should be like that or it’s abnormal, I don’t know. [IDI- female_ patient_ SOD-_1]
Body weakness 2 (8%) …if you take it when you don’t have substantial amount of water, there, it treats you badly, it makes one weak, you need to take it when you have taken substantial amount of water, [IDI_ female patient_RSOD_18]
Blurred vision 2 (8%) Whenever I swallow it I get blurred eye sight, or when I swallow it the body becomes weak and I don’t sleep; things like that. [IDI_female general clinic_ESE_7]
Headache 1 (4%) Got dizziness and headache when I had just started on it. But when I got used to it, I do not have any problem. [IDI_female patient_ general clinic_SOD_17]