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Table 2 Patients with positive culture after 14 days of incubation

From: Molecular detection, not extended culture incubation, contributes to diagnosis of fungal infection

Patient Specimen Culture identification Time to detection of growth (days) Patient history Reason for culture Clinical information
1 Skin Biopsy Paecilomyces spp. 19 Renal transplantation One month of scattered papular lesions on extremities No finding to suggest for infection by surgical pathological examination.
2 BAL Acremonium spp. 20 Lung transplant Left ureteral stone No findings to suggest for infection by chest X–ray.
3 Sputum Acremonium spp. 22 HIV on HAART Suspected for hospital acquired pneumonia Patient responded well to vancomycin and pipera cillin/tazobactam treatment.
4 Sputum Acremonium spp. 25 Bioprosthetic aortic valve Hemoptysis with abnormal chest X ray Hemoptysis resolved and serial CXRs showed resolution of persistent RLL infiltrate after empiric antibiotic treatment.
5 Wound Penicilium spp. 15 Colon carcinoma and asthma Evaluation prior to planned ventral hernia repair surgery No infection
6 Bronchial wash Penicilium spp. 15 No significant past medical history Lung mass Sequamous cell carcinoma
7 BAL Penicilium spp. 19 No significant past medical history Cough, fatigue & decreased appetite Upper respiratory viral infection