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Table 2 Topics and subtopics addressed in included guidance documents (n = 50)

From: COVID-19 transmission during swimming-related activities: a rapid systematic review

Topic (n, %) Subtopic
Ensuring social distancing (50, 100%) Capacity control
Distancing measures
Banning/restricting access to certain locations
Banning/restricting access to certain activities
Ensuring personal hygiene (45, 90%) Promoting personal hygiene practices
Facilitating personal hygiene practices
Ensuring adequate hygiene supplies
Ensuring safe payment procedures
Using personal protective equipment (38, 76%)
Eating and drinking (25, 50%) Food services
Sharing food
Social distancing
Maintaining the pool (33, 66%) Disinfectants
Maintenance parameters
Filtration and overflow outlets
Quality control
Managing frequently touched surfaces (48, 96%) Cleaning and disinfecting areas
Frequency of cleaning and disinfection
Handling of towels
Additional control measures
Ventilating indoor spaces (21, 42%)
Screening and management of sickness (45, 90%) Screening for COVID-19 symptoms and precautions
Symptomatic and high risk individuals
Policies and procedures
Delivering first aid (21, 42%) Providing first aid
Lifeguard duties
Lifeguard PPE
Lifeguard distancing and contact
Raising awareness (36, 72%) Channels and content
Location of posted signs
Target audience considerations
Vaccination (3, 6%)