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Table 5 Estimated potential impact of mNGS testing on application of antimicrobial agents in patients with severe burn patients (n = 71)

From: Application of mNGS to describe the clinical and microbial characteristics of severe burn a tanker explosion at a tertiary medical center: a retrospective study patients following

Modifications Antimicrobial agents N (%)
De-escalation   6 (8.5)
Antifungal Remove VCZ 2
Reduce AmB to CAS 1
Against Gram-negative bacilli Reduce MEM to SCF 2
Reduce SCF to CAZ 1
Escalation   29 (40.8)
Antifungal Add VCZ 5
Add AmB 4
Add CAS 2
Against Gram-negative bacilli Add polymyxin B 3
Add TGC 4
Add ceftazidime and avibactam 2
Add AmK 1
Add MEM 2
Add TGC + MEM 1
Against Gram-postive bacilli Add VAN 2
Add LZD 3
No change   36 (50.7)
  1. VCZ voriconazole, AmB amphotericin B, CAS caspofungin, MEM meropenem, SCF sulbactam and cefoperazone, CAZ ceftazidime, TGC tigecycline, AmK amikacin, VAN vancomycin, LZD linezolid