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Table 4 Example quotes around men’s preferred educational resources for learning anal self-examination (Theme 2)

From: Exploring the attitudes of men who have sex with men on anal self-examination for early detection of primary anorectal syphilis: a qualitative study

Preferred educational resources for learning anal self-examination Quote
Self-learning through online resources “Potentially, like, online resources, in a video format, but perhaps like a cartoon or something, so it’s not as full on to watch, and that could be like an animation of how to check that type of stuff and how to do it correctly. Yeah, that’s probably the best way I can think of.”
—Participant 5, not living with HIV and not on PrEP
Self-learning through practice “I think it's like picking your nose, you just sort of know how yeah. …you know where … your nose is and your knees are and your toes are, you can do it with your eyes closed. Put your finger to your spots yeah.”
—Participant 12, living with HIV
Learning through healthcare professionals and trusted organisations “I mean, the internet is good, but if you learn it from your GP, at least your GP can check that you’re doing it properly, and then once they’ve seen that you do it properly, then you know, you know that you’re going to do it the proper way, otherwise people can sort of watch a video but you’re never sure that they’re going to do it the way it should be done. ”
Participant 19, living with HIV