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Table 1 Demographics of 20 participants

From: Exploring the attitudes of men who have sex with men on anal self-examination for early detection of primary anorectal syphilis: a qualitative study

  N = 20 Percentage (%)
Sexual practice
 Practised receptive anal sex (bottom) only* 2 10
 Practised versatile anal sex# 18 90
HIV status and PrEP use
 Living with HIV and on treatment 6 30
 Not living with HIV and taking PrEP 7 35
 Not living with HIV and not taking PrEP 7 35
Country of birth
 Australia 10 50
 Overseas 10 50
Language at home
 English 15 75
 Others (Chinese, Lebanese, Portuguese, French, Spanish) 5 25
Self-reported previous syphilis diagnosis 10 50
  1. *Bottom or receptive anal sex: receptive partner in an anal sexual intercourse
  2. #Versatile anal sex: receptive and insertive partner in an anal sexual intercourse