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Fig. 2

From: Novel tools and strategies for breaking schistosomiasis transmission: study protocol for an intervention study

Fig. 2

source is: Tanzania National Bureau of Statistics/UN OCHA ROSA. The data are published under the following license: Creative Commons Attribution for Intergovernmental Organisations (CC BY-IGO; ( Additionally, we received written permission to use and adapt the data from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA). Additional shape files for the map (shehia boundaries) were provided by the Zanzibar Commission of Lands to the Zanzibar Neglected Diseases Programme

Twenty study shehias (implementation unit) of the SchistoBreak project in Wete and Micheweni districts in Pemba, Tanzania. The image base map (United Republic of Tanzania – Subnational administrative boundaries) was downloaded from OCHA services ( The data

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