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Table 1. Clinical manifestations and characteristics of auxiliary examinations for 5 patients

From: Metagenomic next-generation sequencing for the early diagnosis of talaromycosis in HIV-uninfected patients: five cases report

Patient Age (years)/Sex (M/F) Contact rodents Misdiagnosis duration (Days) Clinical Manifestations Time for fungal culture (Days) Positive specimens for fungal culture Time for mNGS (Days) Positive Specimens for mNGS Reads for mNGS Outcome
P1 68/M No 245 Fever, cough, lymphadenectasis 7 Blood 6 BALF 6 Dead
P2 43/F No 170 Fever, cough, lymphadenectasis 9 BALF, lymph node 6 BALF 414 Improved
P3 49/M No 222 Fever, thoracalgia, lymphadenectasis 7 Lymph node, purulent secretion 4 Lymph node 23 Improved
P4 45/F Yes 160 Cough, ostealgia 7 Sputum, BALF 4 BALF 5 Improved
P5 54/M Yes 88 Fever, erythraPathological fracture 6 BALF 3 Skin 9 Improved
  1. M Male, F Female, BALF Bronchoalveolar lavage fluid