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Table 2 Minimum inhibitor concentration results of antibiotics tested on the Nocardia spp isolate

From: A case report of Nocardia spp. infective endocarditis in an injection drug user

Antibiotics Minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) (mcg/mL) Interpretation
TMP-SMX  < 0.25/4.75 S
Linezolid 2 S
Ciprofloxacin 2 I
Imipenem  < 2 S
Moxifloxacin 0.5 S
Amoxacillin-clavulanic acid  > 64/32 R
Amikacin  < 1 S
Ceftriaxone 8 S
Doxycycline 2 I
Minocycline 2 I
Tobramycin  < 1 S
Clarithromycin 8 R
  1. MIC analysis was performed at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital (WFBH) laboratory by broth microdilution and interpretation of MICs was determined in accordance with CLSI guidelines
  2. S, susceptible; I, intermediate; R, resistant