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Table 2 Public health interventions across the 3 stage during the COVID-19 outbreak in Wenzhou, China

From: Transmission dynamics of SARS-CoV-2 in a mid-size city of China

Interventions Starting date
Control the source of infection Cut the transmission routes Prevent new infections
Early stage without strong interventions (Before January 23th)
 Conducting survey for people from Wuhan;
Temperature monitoring in transportation hubs
Disinfection in public Personal health education 1/21
 Establishment of self-reporting channels;
Designated fever clinical institution
Cancellation of public events;
Cancellation of wildlife trading
Intensification stage of COVID-19 interventions (January 23th to February 15th)
 Quarantine of people from Wuhan and their close contacts Cancellation of gatherings;
Closures of public venues
Requirement of wearing mask and washing hands 1/24
 Providing hotlines for self-reporting - 1/26
 Quarantine of people from Hubei and their close contacts; Suspension of inter-city traffic;
Delaying the resumption of work and school;
Implementing closed-off management in nursing Home
Suspension of highways, railways and ferries 1/29
- Home quarantine for all citizen 2/1 – 2/15
Normalization mode of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control (After February 16th)
 Quarantine of people from high-risk areas and their close contacts; Close-loop and Close-off management “Wenzhou Health Code” 2/16
Resumption of work and production;
Reopened the highway
2/20 – 2/22
Reopened of public venue (Except of indoor places) 3/2